Hope Autism Foundation$25,000.00

Chris and Margaret Santana$20,174.00

Michael and Ashleigh Donovan$13,902.00

The Neely Family Foundation$10,000.00

The Simpson Family$10,000.00

C.R. Bard$7,500.00

Dr. Donald DeFabio$5,000.00

Michael and Amy Lillard$5,000.00

Leo Foundation$5,000.00

Suki Han and Alan Shapey$5,000.00

Sax LLP$1,500.00

Michael and Joan Gambro$1,500.00

Michael and Deborah Otner$1,061.00

Mehul and Maya Shah$1,000.00

Schenck, Price, Smith & King, LLP$1,000.00

Stuart Clarke$1,000.00

Leshner Franchino & Company LLP$1,000.00

Jane and J. Neil Kazan$1,000.00

Jay R. Monroe Memorial Foundation$1,000.00

Youth Consultation Services (YCS)$1,000.00

The Barbuto Family$1,000.00

Bruce and Mary Dalziel$1,000.00

Michael and Ruth Lipper$1,000.00

Argent Contracting$1,000.00

J.P. Warner Associates$1,000.00

Amabile & Erman, P.C.$1,000.00

Joann Fruciano and Gregory Murphy$1,000.00

Grubman Compton Foundation$1,000.00

Jack and Cynthia Mathis$750.00


Lee Shulman$500.00

Harriet Sideck$500.00

Helen & William Mazer Foundation$500.00

Maria Alvarez$300.00

Susan Doucette$250.00

Lantern Hill$250.00

Michele DelCorsano$250.00

Peter Taggart$250.00

Lois Schneider Realtor, Inc.$250.00

Lizette Martin$200.00

Ellen Weinstock$200.00

Margaret and Walter Kraft$200.00

Michael and Susan Lattmann$200.00

Peter and Lori Wisniewski$200.00

Nicholas Polanin$200.00

Sean O’Brien$150.00

Dennis Nugent$100.00

Carolyn and Peter Rummel$100.00

LVH Foundation$100.00

Helen and Paul Tvetenstrand$100.00

Fran Doyle$100.00