Employment Services

Our House, Inc. Employment Services is now in its 27th year of providing supported employment to individuals with disabilities. Since beginning in 1988 as one of the first supported employment programs in New Jersey, Our House, Inc. continues to be one of the premier agencies in central New Jersey for supported employment services, serving Union, Somerset, Morris, Essex, Hudson, Passaic, and Middlesex counties. The department provides competitive employment, transition services, on the job assessments, job sampling and job stabilization to students and adults with disabilities.

The Job Sampling Program is in its fourth year. A grant funded by Provident Bank Foundation in the amount of $3,500 was used to help new referrals, students in transition, and individual looking to change their career path.  The program allows them the opportunity to sample jobs in locations they might potentially have an interest and has also been used as a working interview for employers that has led to employment. Supported employees were able to sample various tasks on each job site and receive a paycheck. A total of 62 individuals participated in the job sampling program and 9 individuals received paid jobs as a result of their job sampling experience. The types of jobs sampled ranged from office work, maintenance, child care, food services and retail services at companies such as Aramark in Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, Marshall’s and Holy Cross Church.

For more information, please contact the Director of Employment Services at 908-464-8008 x146