Residential Services

Our House  boasts 36 residential homes and apartments in five counties serving 89 people with developmental disabilities.   We continue to strive to provide affordable housing and are looking to develop additional homes in 2016.

There are three types of living arrangements offered by Our House  to individuals with  developmental  and  other  disabilities:  Group  Homes,  where  four  residents share a home and receive 24 hour staff support; Supervised  Apartments,  where residents live with apartment mates and receive 24 hour support from staff and based  on their skills and abilities the residents may have hours of unsupervised time daily; and Supported Living Apartments, where residents live alone or with an  apartment mate.   On  a weekly basis,  staff provides each resident with varying amounts of support based on individual needs.  Help is available through a 24 hour on call service.

For more information on our residential services, please contact the Director of Residential Operations at (908) 464-8008 ext. 169.