Our Mission

The mission of Our House, Inc. is to provide healthy, stimulating, and inclusive environments for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through community residences, employment services, innovative day programs, social opportunities and related support services designed to help them achieve their full potential for living meaningful and productive lives.

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Why people choose us:

“I like to tell people that getting my daughter into Hope Autism Solutions was better than winning the lottery.  I knew that when Kathy graduated from (high) school, there would no longer be any legal mandate to provide appropriate services for her, but I was not prepared to be so completely disappointed by the few existing programs equipped to deal with individuals with significant needs.  If I were to design the ideal program for my daughter, it would look exactly like Hope Autism Solutions.  Hope Autism Solutions  keeps Kathy engaged, learning and happy, which makes me happy and so very grateful.”

- Mary H

“Living with autism is living with uncertainty.  But with our son going to Hope Autism Solutions, one part of our life is secure.  Mark gets the support he needs to spend quality days in his community with his peers and neighbors.  All anyone wants for their children is for them to be happy and safe.  The qualified, caring and committed staff at Hope Autism Solutions make that a reality on a daily basis.”

- Denise & Greg R

“Our greatest hope for our son has always been that he will have a place in a caring community where he is treated with respect and given many opportunities to lead a purposeful life. Our House has provided this warm and caring environment for Sean. We are so thrilled that he is surrounded by happy individuals who provide the kind of life experiences that we would want all of our loved ones to enjoy. My husband and I can live our lives knowing that Sean is able to live his. What more can any parents ask?”

- Danielle and Jeff L.

Our partners

Walsh Family Fund

EJ Grassman Trust

Neely Family Fund

Westfield Foundation

Hyde and Watson Foundation

Union Foundation

Bayview Foundation

Summit Area Public Foundation