Supports Programs

Job Development services are available through DVRS to help an individual obtain competitive employment. Services are then also available to train/teach someone their tasks and duties once they have been offered a position.

Long Term Follow Along

Long Term Follow Along services are provided on a monthly basis to clients who are already employed and need assistance in maintaining or advancing their job. This can include teaching new tasks, advocating for particular needs or anything else that may be needed to help the clients meet or surpass the employer’s expectations.

Transition Services

Transition Services are available for individuals who are under 21 and are still funded through high school. Services include job development, job sampling and job site support.

Job Sampling

Job Sampling is available for all clients who may be interested in trying out a potential job. This can also be done as part of a working interview where the employer is able to observe an individual’s skills and abilities prior to making a job offer.