Day Services

Offering placements in Hope Autism Solutions and the Volunteer Action Program.

Hope Autism Solutions

Dedicated to providing adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder an environment that supports personal growth, learning, empowerment and self-esteem.

HAS is a daily life enhancement program that operates out of state of the art facilities but spends the majority of the day out in the community.

The staff to client ratio is one to three and includes trained behaviorists and BCBA consultants who develop behavior plans as needed. There are currently five HAS program sites.

Volunteer Action Program

Operates out of Union and Somerset counties with 48 individuals. Volunteer Action Program (VAP) participants volunteer their time at organizations such as SAGE (Meals on Wheels), Eva’s Village, Wagner Farms, Catholic Charities, MedShare, Furniture Assist, and other nonprofit entities.

Besides giving back to the community, VAP members attend group outings and other recreational and social activities such as apple picking, bowling, seeing movies, etc.